Kevin Ziegler

2012 KevinKevin had a blend of religious experiences growing up in Zephyrhills, FL. He was born into a Catholic home, and later, after some church hopping by his Dad, ended up in the Wesleyan church. Later, because of family circumstances, Kevin became part of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. But in 1984, after a neighborly invitation, he heard the Gospel preached in it’s clarity for the very first time by the late Edgar Harris at Central Christian Church in Tampa, FL. And on October 21, 1984, at the invitation, Kevin stepped out with a desire to be immersed into Christ, for the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).

It didn’t take Kevin long to get very active in the local church. And under the mentoring and encouragement of Edgar Harris, Dan Hefner (and the other elders) and Kent Hawkins, Kevin enrolled at Florida Christian College (FCC) in Kissimmee, FL, in the fall of 1985.

1988-06 Dad ordination at Central in TampaAt FCC, Kevin was very blessed with some great teachers! For three years, he soaked up as much teaching as he could from men like: Roger Chambers, James Smith, Glen Bourne, Mike Chambers, Wilke Winter, Lewis Foster, Marion Henderson, among many others. New Testament Christianity was a new concept for Kevin, and through the providence of God, Kevin ended up at the right place at the right time. He was also blessed to be mentored and taught by Richard Marshall, who was his preacher at the Poinciana Christian Church, where Kevin volunteered for two years. Kevin assisted with the young people while there. During the last year at FCC, Kevin traveled down to the Eastside Christian Church in Lake Placid, FL, where he served as weekend youth minister working with the local evangelist Dennis McCumber.

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After graduating from FCC in May of 1988, Kevin went right into the full time preaching ministry. He served at the Lawshe Church of Christ in Seaman, OH. Lawshe was the home church of Jim Newman, who was missionary to Grenada at that time. It was during this ministry that Kevin traveled twice to the work in Grenada. After serving over five years at Lawshe, Kevin moved to western Pennsylvania to preach at the First Church of Christ in Bolivar, PA. After a short, but productive, ministry there, Kevin returned to the southern Ohio area to be the evangelist at the Macon Church of Christ in Winchester, OH. He faithfully preached the Gospel with the Macon Church for over seven years. Kevin now preaches at his wife’s home church in east central Illinois. Kevin has been with the South Side Church of Christ in Danville, IL since December 2005.

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