Jean Anglais Christian Church

Vision and Goal
“A church where all can come and invest their all to God and to see God transform them from ordinary to extraordinary.”

The Jean Anglias Christian Church, being the only instrumental Church of Christ on the island, believes God has placed them on the island to make a different in reaching others with the Gospel of Christ. The church has been doing this for the last 25 years. Through Jean Anglias Christian Church, many lives have been, and are currently, being transformed by God’s Word. Over the years, the church has had many victories! Along with those victories, there have been challenges. But through the prayers of many, and by continually trusting God, the church is still alive and growing.

baptismThe Jean Anglias Christian Church believes the Bible is Word of God, so the lives of the church family are guided by this Word. The church believes that Jesus is only Son of God. Because of this, Jean Anglias Christian Church practices the need for one to repent, confess and be baptized for salvation. Being guided by the Word, the congregation practices all elements of fellowship as the early church did. All members are encouraged, as a part of their faithfulness, to give to the work of God.

Here is evangelist Rodney Thomas preaching on Independence of Grenada – and the need of the help of God! (audio)

Here is a link to Rodney Thomas preaching the Christmas day message in 2015.
Christmas Day 2015

If you are ever taveling to the island, make sure you plan on contacting the church, and better yet, worshiping and studying with the Christians!

You are invited to fellowship with the Jean Anglais Christian Church.
A warm welcome awaits you.

Worship time:
Sunday Morning—9:30 a.m.
Bible Study:-Thurs Night – 7:00 p.m.
Youth Night:-Friday – 6:00 p.m.

  For Further information about the Church, contact the church directly at:

Jean Anglais Christian Church
Belmont, S,P.O, St. George’s
Grenada, West Indies.

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Bro. Rodney Thomas
1 (473) 534-6167

 Bro. Trivon Griffith
1 (473) 456-1808